Dig deeper

Hi bro! WIWI knows you wanna know Ukraine better, closer, and deeper. WIWI suggests you do this step by step.

Step 1 – Excursions or Galloping around the country

You wanna see everything immediately and without extreme. For this WIWI propose you use excursions: castles, forts, waterfalls, mountains, cities, museums, etc.

Step 2 – Activities or Preparation for adventures

You have seen many already. But you wanna know Ukrainian’s character and power. You want her to change you. You want her started live in your heart forever.
But you are not ready for this yet. You can prepare for adventures by these tours (use them in this order): Evening kayaking, Fun rafting, Compass quest, Alp-fitness, Dniester river rafting, Easy hiking.

Step 3 – Adventures or Dig deeper

This step is just for prepared persons.  Yes, this is a crazy and wild time. Now you can dig deeper with WIWI. And be sure this will change you.
WIWI means “win over the wildness” of nature and of yourself. Let’s do this.