About WIWI

WIWI Tour Club (“overcome the wildness” or “WIn over the WIldness”) is the Christian tourist club of personality development and active and extreme recreation.

WIWI’s main goal is the development of personal qualities, building relationships, strengthening families and teams, and raising children through tourism. WIWI cultivates the values ​worthy of champions: overcome inner wildness of person by overcoming savagery of nature, learning the culture of rest, being responsible for yourself, taking care of others, be patient, purposeful, go to the success and never give up.

WIWI invites you to explore Ukraine, lite and extremely travel and together with WIWI Tour Club change ourself!

WIWI believes

Jesus is at the core of our lives. He first showed an example of victory over the wildlife of man. And the Bible is a book of champions, a story of success, a compass of the great.

The WIWI Tour Club’s team believes that God who lives in the human Spirit distinguishes his or her from animals. As Darwin noticed, without God, man is indeed very similar to a monkey. But he erroneously concluded that the monkey became a man. In fact, people become monkeys by throwing away God.

“Be perfect, for I am perfect,” says the Lord (Matthew 5:48). This is WIWI’s way – together with you to change in God’s image.


Yuriy (WIWI)

Role: Leader of “WIWI Tour Club”

Location: Ternopil city

Education: TNPU physic, mathematic and computer science

Faith: Jesus Christ is not merely historical person but true God

Tourist experience: Charpatians Hiking, white water kayaking and rafting, alpinism

Family: Married. The wife is a wise beauty. Son is the champion