Infinite possibilities

Over the last two months, the WIWI tourist club has been actively involved in the organization of summer youth camp on the Dniester River. It was incredible and creative time. A lot of work was done. We digged, cut, drilled, sawed, collected and scattered, built and broke, worked and created.

WIWI, along with “Infinite possibilities”, was preparing a pass through the river near the camp. Children have to get to the camp by this path.

This is a morning charge that was conducted by WIWI. Charging should give energy and fun, right? This is not a warm-up, but a charge with positive emotions, for the whole year.

This is floating WIWI island and infinite possibilities from “Infinite possibilities”. It was a flammable mixture for children mood. It was a bomb. It was an explosion. And it did not get bored. And everybody wanted more and more.

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