WIWI is in a game!

I had a desire to create a tourist club as soon as I (WIWI) for the first time went to an independent hiking in the Carpathians. I don’t like to achieve only one goal. And I believe that God does not love to do such as well. Therefore, when I want merely rest, I do not rest. I need something more. I think that such attitude gave a birth for my desire to create a tourism club.

Also I believe that people have change to the image of Jesus, they have to change to become champions. I do like this and want help for people who desire to do this as well. Therefore, I decided to create a tourist club of personality development where people will be able to change themself by travelling the wildness.

In may of 2017, I dared to start moving in the direction of realizing of this desire.

A year has passed. There was many thoughts, dreams, plans, work. It was a year of faith and the year of struggle with doubts and the year of losses, disappointments, risks. All this was just to start.

Today I start the project and launch the WIWI website.

I hope this event will change my life, me and some another people who need this.