Тернопільський водограй на озері
300 uah

Evening kayaking

Ternopil lake


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Tour features

Travel only with those who you love
Ernest Hemingway

Do not wary If you have never kayaked. During this tour you will learn to kayak, meet a wonderful sunset and admire the night Ternopil from the lake.

Notice! We will spend most of the time in the dark.
But do not be afraid. We will have dimensional lights and life jackets. Our kayaks are convenient, safe, stable.

About tour

Biletsky beach - hotel "Galychyna" - Ternopil Castle - Biletsky beach
prepare equipment (30% of time), kayaking (60% of time), admiring the night Ternopil (80% of time)
К-ть учсників:
We gather near the "Shop №6" at the agreed time. Meeting time depends on the time of sunset. We goes to Biletsky beach by WIWI car.
We return to Shop №6 by WIWI car. Then you can go by taxi to your place.

The price includes:

  • Transfer and delivery of equipment
  • Assistance in preparation + instruction and mini training at the start
  • Super participant
  • Place on a vessel kayak/raft/catamaran, paddle, life jackets, waterproof bag
  • First-aid kit

The price excludes:

  • Insurance
  • Meal according to the tour you can take: sweets, water or coffee / tea in a thermos

Tour program

  • Meeting at a certain time and in an agreed place

  • Transfer to Biletsky beach

  • We are preparing our equipment

  • Kayaking on the night lake

    • Short kayaking lesson

    • Kayaking in hotel "Halychyna" direction

    • Admire the waterfall and the reflections of night Ternopil, near Ternopil Castle

    • Return to Biletsky beach

  • Prepare all equipment for transportation

  • Return to Shop №6

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