350 uah

Fun rafting

Ternopil lake


Perfect for

Tour features

Most time we will play in the water. Do not worry if you can’t swim. Each participant has a safe jacket with what you can lie on water like on a mattress.

About tour

Biletsky beach - the center of Ternopil lake - Biletsky beach
equipment preparing (20% of time), paddling (40% of time), fun water games (40% часу)
К-ть учсників:
We gather near the "Shop №6" at the agreed time. Meeting time depends on the time of sunset. We goes to Biletsky beach by WIWI car.
We return to Shop №6 by WIWI car. Then you can go by taxi to your place.

The price includes:

  • Transfer and delivery of equipment from/to Shop №6
  • Assistance in preparation + instruction and mini training at the start
  • Super participant
  • Education/training game form
  • First-aid kit
  • Place on a vessel kayak/raft/catamaran, paddle, life jackets, waterproof bag

The price excludes:

  • Insurance
  • Meal according to the tour you can take: water, chocolate
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Kainat Khawaja

I definitely would! The most fun and adventure I’ve had has always been with WIWI Tour. Yuri makes everything so exciting and we learn a bunch of stuff that we’d never learn without him. I’m so glad I found out about this because now, I always have something fun to do with all my friends! Thank you, WIWI Tour)
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